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SPW Group had a small beginning way back in1976. They were one of the first manufacturing units to be established in the Thangadh, a small town in Gujarat state, India. Mr. Ramjibhai Maru is the founder of the group, which started off as Sunrise pottery works.
There were only ten employees and some contract helpers to start with. Most of the work was done manually and the founder himself worked hands-on in all the departments. The products were not sanitaryware but Jars (popularly known in India as Barani and Batla). However, the product is of the CERAMIC products category, manufactured using similar technology as Sanitaryware. There is no casting but rather forming process. The clay is put on a rotating table and given the required external shape. The internal Boring is done with a pin, which has adjustable length and depth. The Furnace was down draft coal fired type. It had a capacity of 50 pcs per day, a high capacity in those days.
With hardly any mechanization and automation. The goods were transported on camel carts between cities. In the plant, the goods were moved manually. There were no devices to control the firing of the furnace. No gauges to measure the accuracy, no laboratories to provide accurate mixing. Despite of such conditions, it was sheer will power of the founder that sustained and increased the production. The founder always had a vision that only quality products would be accepted in the market on the long run. Thangadh being a location where number of Ceramic industries would come up, the art of survival would be to produce quality goods. This vision has been the key to the growth of the group.
The sale was done through local traders who bought out the total produce and distributed it to different parts of India.